15 July 2017

01Drug development from natural products : Saravanan Vadivelu

  • Brief introduction to drug discovery processes
  • Natural products and new drug leads
  • Special focus would be on Ziconotide (Prialt; Elan Pharmaceuticals), a peptide originally discovered in a tropical cone snail, and the first marine-derived compound to be approved for the treatment of pain and the marine anticancer drug trabectedin (Yondelis; PharmaMar)
  • The bengamaide natural products analogues and their development as anti cancer agents would also be discussed

02Applications of Chemical Ecology : Markandeya Gorantla

  • Semiochemicals as a pest control tool: Global Perspective, various case studies.
  • Area wide Management, experiences and outcome.
  • Introduction of Semiochemical based pest control in India through Autoconfusion, Mating Disruption and Male Annihilation Technique.
  • Area Wide Management of pest control using pheromones in India
  • BT resistance management using Pheromones.
  • Application of Pheromones in Vector Control Programs.
  • Controlled release technologies and their application in Pheromone release rates.
  • Season Long Lure, development and application in monitoring pests

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