14 July 2017

01Pest management and chemical ecology : Subhaharan

  • Sampling and characterizing semiochemicals of pests of agriculture and veterinary importance
  • Characterization of semiochemicals using chemical detector and biological factors
  • Assessing the behavioural response to semiochemicals
  • Determining the synergy of pheromone and kairomonefor pest management
  • Controlled delivery of semiochemicals in field conditions
  • Case study of developing a technology involving chemical ecology and nanotechnology

02Industrial ecology in India : Megha Shenoy

  • Industrial Symbiosis
    • Definition
    • Comparison of industrial symbiosis approaches
    • Uncovering industrial symbiosis in India: Case study of Nanjangud Industrial area
    • Eco-industrial development
  • Industrial ecology approaches in single industry clusters
    • Collective approaches for competitive advantage
    • Case study of textile industrial cluster
    • Case study of foundry cluster
  • Industrial ecology: Tools and examples
    • Definition
    • Resource Utilization Map: Water in Bangalore
    • Substance Flow Analysis: Extended Polystyrene
    • Material Flow Analysis: Waste management by residential bulk generators in Bangalore
    • Life Cycle Assessment: Tetrapak

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