13 July 2017

01Biostatistics : Kavita Ishvaran

  • This lecture will provide an introduction to thinking about variability, understanding and describing data, and carrying out statistical modelling and inference. We will discuss how to best explore and describe data, fit statistical models, test statistical hypotheses, and estimate the magnitude of the relationships we are interested in and our confidence in these estimates. We will also briefly discuss the broad types of statistical models useful for addressing ecological questions. In an accompanying hands-on session, we will work with example data sets to visualise and describe data, fit simple statistical models, carry out statistical hypothesis tests, and estimate relationships of interest.

02Multivariate statistics : Yuvraj Ranganathan

  • Introduction to Multivariate statistics

03Practical : Yuvraj Ranganathan
Handling large data sets:

  • Using R for statistical analysis
  • Using principal component analysis, PERMANOVA, Random Forests
  • Example data sets
  • Interpretation and reporting of results from R and other software

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