08 July 2017

01Plant-insect interactions : Sagar Pandit
The eye openers: case studies to facilitate the understanding of the chemistry of real world multitrophic interactions.

  • Multitrophic interactions involving plants, insect herbivores and their natural enemies
  • Plant's chemical defense, herbivore counteradaptations and effects on natural enemies
  • Case study 1 of chemical ecology research revealing the importance of phytochemistry in a multitrophic system
  • Case study 1 of chemical ecology research revealing the cost-benefit considerations of chemical interactions

02Multitrophic interactions and climate change : Renee Borges

  • This lecture will address the chemical features of signalling and communication across trophic interactions; e.g.microbes-plants-herbivores-parasitoids-hyperparastioids; or plants-herbivores-pollinators; or below-ground fauna-above ground fauna including vertebrates

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