06 July 2017

01Characteristics of chemical signals : Radhika Venkatesan

  • Chemical characteristics of signal.
  • Discussion on chemical properties such as vapor pressure, oxidation/reduction and polarity
  • Functional group discussion
  • Understanding signals based on chemistry with examples.

02Acoustic signals: long range and short range signals in air and water : Manjari Jain
Bioacoustics in Ecology
Channels of animal communication

  • Acoustic communication over long and short range
  • Diversity of sound production and perception mechanisms
  • Sound: Basic principles
  • Bioacoustics for studies in ecology, evolution and behavior: case studies
  • Communication in noisy environment
  • Methods in Bioacoustics: digital vs analog, sampling rate, FFT
  • Recording artifacts, Decibel (dB)
  • How to choose appropriate instruments
  • Start up tips

03Practical : Manjari Jain

  • Making clean recordings
  • Acquiring and visualizing sound recordings
  • Checking for clipped recordings, time frequency trade-off
  • Plotting oscillogram, power spectrum, spectrogram
  • Basic temporal and spectral analyses of sound recordings


  • Participants will need to carry their own laptops
  • Download trial version of RAVEN (sound analysis software by Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

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