05 July 2017

01Signals on land: visual and chemical : Renee Borges

  • This lecture will cover the basics of communicating by visual and chemical signals on land. It will address the fact that organisms may use a combination of signals for various purposes and that some signals may be better than others under prevailing ecological conditions. It will also address the phenomenon of multimodal communication in which organisms may necessarily use two sensory modalities to locate the signal emitter. The advantages of single channel versus multiple channels of communications will be also discussed.

02Olfaction: reception, emission and measurements : Shannon Olsson
Chemoreception in:

  • Air (nose and receptors from mammals and insects)
  • Water (fish chemoreception)
  • Soil (bacteria and other soil-dwelling creatures)
  • Difficulty in parsing stochastic chemical information (plumes) with some classic insect wind tunnel examples
  • Short discussion on how we are trying to replicate in VR
  • Quick final discussion on ways to assess chemoreception behaviorally (Bioassays)

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